Sherlock: The Six Thatchers – Season Four: Episode One

Death may be dodged, but not forever; sooner or later the inevitable happens. Sherlock: Season 4, Episode 1; the show’s final dodge from death. But first, the incoherence cover-up, dialogue delivered exposition poly-filler. Mark Gatiss, this episode’s writer, undertakes the troublesome, taxing task of filling in last season’s cock ups. Yet they go another step further by exploding the plot to ridiculous proportions in order to salvage their (originally) precious property. By exploding the plot in one episode we’re then left with two episodes free, hopefully to resurrect the Sherlock image. After seeing all three, I’d definitely promise that the bullshit dial is thankfully turned down a notch or two. Regardless of the latter 66%, this first third is a pure incomprehensive turd.

My only positive argument for The Six Thatchers is how it attacks dead threads with a ridiculously entertaining energy. And in my consideration, that’s kinda what Sherlock’s supposed to be; and not an overly convoluted, coincidence fuelled mess.

On a random case, Sherlock investigates the case of a Conservative politician’s missing son (supposedly on his “gap-yah”); while solving the minor yet quite affecting tragedy, Sherlock sniffs out an extremely thin plot thread: an absent bust of ex Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. This then connects him to another murder, then another robbery, a lacklustre fistfight where he gets the oh-so-convenient usb stick of expositional knowledge, it contains all the dirt on Mary: an ex tactical assassin set up in an elaborate plot; (SPOILERS) that was all masterminded by the assistant to the English government whom we meet in the first scene where they give Sherlock his free pass. In all truthfulness, I had to Wikipedia the plot in order to fully understand it, and then I had to try and describe the mess as straightforward as I could; as you can see, even after cutting a bunch of crap from the description, it’s damn hard to explain what the hell is happening.

Shit story aside, the unnecessarily bland colour palette didn’t help; neither did the unimaginative storytelling. Sherlock has become a dour reproduction of a ghost. Season 4 feels more like a knock off of Sherlock than Elementary does. Everything that pops on the screen to conveniently convey information that people might conveniently access in reality but still remains awkwardly inconvenient to format of cinema: text messages, thoughts and deductions etc., it’s all just a haunting reminder that the shell of Sherlock is empty, we’ve cleaned the bowl and there’s nothing left to give. You got excited when you saw Sherlock’s text wave ping above the crowd of journalists’ heads in season 1. Where is that in season 4? Nowhere.

Even if the plot were fixed (and the storytelling), the characters are still shit. Sure, everything is resolved by the end of the season, but dear lord! what a joke. John now has beef with Sherlock. Sherlock is now reaching pie like levels of humbleness and Mrs. Hudson is at maximum irrelevancy. The “villain” is watered down to tap water levels of mundanity and the second secret villain might as well have been Mrs. Hudson for all the difference it would’ve made.

Gatiss and Moffat have thrown a lot of spanners in the cogs and to solve the problem they seem to unloading all their spanners in the hopes that once they run out of spanners they won’t have any more spanners to throw, kind of a good idea in both literal and figurative terms. Let’s hope and see shall we?