Three Wishes For Cinderella (1973) – Review

I expected a trainwreck. I was forewarned of Norway’s terrible dubbing and how old the story and film feel but when I finally had the chance to experience this film for myself I was delighted with how high above my expectations Three Wishes For Cinderella turned out to be. Cute, in a sincere, honest and timeless way; charming, with it’s simple story, wintery village and deer like performance of Cinderalla, who wouldn’t fall in love with this film; and humble, with the cheap one man dubbing for every character (and they don’t remove the original dub, so you can hear the dialogue twice if you listen closely) and the trying efforts to make something of real artistic value are greatly appreciated: at times I would argue that if Andrei Tarkovsky made a Christmas film, he would’ve made Three Wishes For Cinderella (I imagine he’d make something a little better perhaps).

Pleasantly surprised and delighted to enjoy a Norwegian Christmas tradition.


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