The Holiday (2006) – Review

A weird American’s idea of what England looks like (I deduce her research venture unsurpassed that of travelogues and… nothing else); that said, that is one bitchin’ house and I would die to live there (but not with that winter hill). On the other side of the pond is San Fran-fornia-state, or something… Point being the locations are a bit fantasised, seen through rose coloured glasses (as is the rest of the film).

I like that the two female protagonists have a somewhat similar yet different job because of their geographic location and the general consumption of media in said locations. Better explained: English-woman (Kate Winslet) works as an article editor for a magazine while the American (Cameron Diaz) works as a trailer editor for film companies. Here, England is a book reading nation, America is a movie watching nation. Kinda cute. I like it.

The film is funny enough, decent jokes, Jack Black is tolerable (makes a change) and Kate Winslet is, as always, fantastic. Eli Wallach is a nice surprise and an absolute treat. There’s a scarce amount of sincerity, I ready welcomed what I got but felt malnourished after the Americanised feast of hollow drama and overly endearing romance talk. But heck, it is Christmas, and The Holiday is charming enough for me.


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