The State of 2016

October is traditionally a fairly giddy month, film-wise that is, but a dismaying glance at the listings assures that 2016 is set to disappoint, Oscar season or not. Apparently it only takes a Marvel inception knock off to nudge the competition, 2 Jack 2 Reacherous, into #2 spot, but the ever cumbersome Batchman is now taking his swing at the superhero genre. Likely because the non reputable roles of The Dragon and The Smart Arse he’d play every 2 years just isn’t doing enough for his career. He needs that sweet, sweet validation recognition.

When writing this, the film is yet to screen near me, and despite some of the reviews being positive, I’ve already been disappointed by October as the month of uneventful cinema. Obviously Strange is set to dominate the box office, what else are we watching? The first on a conveyor belt of Trolls movies? Bridget Jones’ Midget Jones?, a film set to test the truly tedious art of forced sequels and stretched cash-grab excuses. It’s uncertain whether forcing a sequel this hard will force the public into clutching their wallets a little tighter, slapping Hollywood’s pickpocketing hand as it eagerly eyes the insides of your wallet. But, much to my anger, Bridget’s Midget is somehow getting a pass, and while there’s nothing saying they can’t make something great from old properties, it’s infuriating to see mediocrity getting the pass this easily.

At current, cinema has to up its game, a lot. It needs to make a worthwhile film, not just something excusable. Before December ends – please. We’re in a state of passing flicks off as good if they’re ‘the best of a bad bunch’, but that holds no weight with me. And it’s doubtful that even Oscar season will tip the scale in the right direction. Maybe Silence, but it’s fighting an uphill battle, 2016 has been a fucking slog to sit through.


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